Your Pace Or Mine?

Pacing your marathon correctly is perhaps the biggest key to success on Race Day.

After months of training and honing your target pace per mile, your aim on Race Day will be to replicate that in the marathon and cross that Finish Line in the time you’ve been dreaming of.

Having done so much work on race pace in training, it should be easy to go out there and do it one more time, right? Well, yes, in theory. But with so many other runners around you, and the huge crowds cheering you on from the pavements, setting off too quickly is a common mistake to make. Emotions and nerves play a huge part on the day.

Haring off too fast is one error you’ll pay for in the later miles. Once you’ve burnt those matches, there’s little chance you’ll be able to reignite them as your energy levels and speed start to drop. Similarly, if the occasion gets too much, you could find yourself running too slowly and having to summon up the energy to speed up deep into the marathon – easier said than done when there are hundreds of other runners around you to swerve and sidestep.

This is where the Runner’s World x New Balance Pace Team can help.

Seasoned marathon runners from the UK’s biggest running magazine have the experience and knowhow to stick to a target pace throughout the 26.2 miles of the race.

Pacers for each of the target times listed in the panel on the right will be stationed in the starting pens on the Blue, Red and Green Starts.

Look out for their big signs/flags denoting the target minutes per mile pace they will be running and the time this will deliver them to the Finish Line, then keep them in sight once you cross the Start Line.

The pacers will stick to their pace for the whole 26.2 miles to ensure you reach The Mall on schedule and record the time you have been training for.

Editor Andy Dixon will be among the Runner's World x New Balance Pace Team for this year’s race, pacing 4:15 from the Green Start.

“The effort that goes into training for the marathon is enormous, but nerves and inexperience can sometimes derail even the best laid plans come Race Day,” says Andy. “Our service is there to help runners keep that nervous energy in check and take the worry away from constantly checking your mile splits.

“Whether you’re aiming for three hours or are looking to get round in 5:15, we have pacers for those levels and plenty in between, so look out for the flags in your starting pen and let us take care of the rest!”

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