Wet-weather running tips

The UK weather will be unsettled, with patchy rain, for many areas of the UK on Sunday 4 October. If you can, plan your virtual marathon to avoid the heaviest showers in your area. If it’s raining when you head out, take a look at our top tips for staying as comfortable as possible when the heavens open...

Plan your route

Run a lapped route so you can pop home to change into dry clothes if you need to. You have almost 24 hours to complete the 26.2 miles, so look after yourself and take breaks to avoid downpours or to get changed if you need to.

Take care underfoot

Look out for mud or fallen leaves on your route as these can be slippery, especially when you’re running around corners.

Protect your phone

Take care of your smartphone by placing it in a plastic bag or waterproof pouch.

Weather-proof your kit

Wear a hat with a visor to keep the rain off your face, especially if you are planning to wear glasses.

Consider wearing a lightweight waterproof jacket if you have one and wear layers so you can remove them easily if they get wet.

Try to wear running-friendly materials, such as technical fabrics and merino, rather than cotton, which will become heavy and cold when wet. This goes for your socks too – wool socks will keep your feet warmer than cotton socks when wet and are less likely to cause blisters. But remember, don’t wear anything new on Marathon Day!

Wear hi-vis clothing if you can, or lights, as you will be less visible to others in heavy rain.

Have a pair of gloves handy in case your hands get cold – extremities are often the first thing to cool down when your body is working hard to keep your core warm.

Consider wearing trail shoes, or trainers with a Gore-Tex membrane if you have them, to keep your feet dry if you’re planning to run off-road.

Change out of wet clothes as soon as you finish your 26.2 miles.

Beat blisters

Wet clothes and shoes make chafing more likely, so apply an anti-chafe lubricant such as Bodyglide or Vaseline on areas that could be affected, such as inner thighs, nipples and bra straps.

Embrace it!

Running a marathon in the rain might not be top of your wish-list for the weekend, but with a positive mindset you’ll get through it and your achievement will feel even more awesome if you’ve battled the British weather to earn that 40th Race medal! Good luck!