The Long Run

A marathon is a very long run and it’s getting to that point in your plan where it’s time to go longer! Our friends at Lucozade Sport are on hand with everything you’ve ever wanted to know about owning the long run...

The long weekend run is the perfect opportunity to practise your routine for Race Day. It’s important not to try anything new on Race Day, so use these sessions to practise absolutely everything – from what you’re going to wear on Race Day, what music you’re going to listen to, and what you’re going to eat and drink during the race, to what you’re going to eat for breakfast and how long before the start of the race. Being prepared will allow you to relax and get a good night’s sleep, ready to chase the personal best you have been striving for.

We recommend aiming to consume breakfast two to four hours before the start of a long run to give your body enough time to digest the meal and to feel comfortable before the start. Carbohydrate is the predominant fuel source used during endurance running whether you’re elite or amateur. Stores of carbohydrate are limited in the body and can become depleted during exercise of long duration.

Make sure you top up these stores with a high carbohydrate breakfast. Sticking to foods you’re used to and enjoy eating is advised. Porridge, toast, cereal, bagels and fruit juice are all excellent choices.

It’s also important to start exercise in a hydrated state. Checking your pee colour (using the chart above) is an easy and effective way to check how hydrated you are. A light, pale straw colour shows you’re hydrated and ready to go. Dark means you’re dehydrated and may need to consume extra fluids.