Are You With The Band?

Hitting your target time is all about pacing an even race – and that's where pace bands like those created by our friends at Lucozade Sport can help...

Pacing is one of the most important elements of marathon running to get right. But with so much going through your mind during 26.2 miles, it can become difficult – especially in the later stages – to keep on top of the splits you ought to be hitting to ensure you finish in your target time.

That’s where a basic but effective tool like a pace band can prove a huge help.

It breaks your race into even splits and works out your target time for each mile. For example, if you want to complete a marathon in four hours, you should be running roughly nine-minute miles.

A simple paper band that attaches easily around your wrist, you’ll be able to refer to it when you need to check how you’re doing and avoid the need for some complex maths as you stare at your watch.

Pace bands will be available on the Lucozade Sport stand at the Virgin Money London Marathon Expo. Make sure you drop by their stand when you come to register.