For the majority of those running this year’s Virgin Money London Marathon it will be a once in a lifetime experience. Not for Steve Edwards, from Gloucestershire, who will complete his 23rd London Marathon, number 820 in his quest to set a new world record for running 1,000 official marathons in the fastest average finish time, sub 3hr 30.

Steve’s running career began in 1981 when he ran the first ever London Marathon aged 18, vowing never to do it again.

However, something clicked and Steve was caught by the running bug.

He says: “When I look back I feel incredibly fortunate and privileged to have achieved all that I have from marathon running and, although this has given me a great sense of personal achievement, the greater reward has been inspiring others and helping raise money and awareness for various charities.”

Having already completed 819 marathons, all under 3hr 20, Steve will be hoping his lucky streak continues in London, with much hard work and determination getting him to the start line in April.

He says: “Trying to maintain the motivation to keep going day in, day out, year after year, has at times been incredibly difficult, but I take it one training session and one race at a time.”

This year Steve will raise funds for Kate’s Home Nursing, a small charity based in Gloucestershire which provides palliative home care for patients in the latter stages of terminal illness, where his wife Teresa is a volunteer.

“The specialised care and support facilitates the process of allowing terminally ill patients the dignity and comfort of reaching the end of their life in familiar surroundings at home, in the company of loved ones, and is a service only charities such as Kate’s can provide,” says the 55-year old.