A record number of 247,069 people have applied for a place in the 2016 Virgin Money London Marathon following the decision to keep the online ballot application system for 2016 open for five days.  

More than 55 per cent of the applications for 2016 were from people who have never run a marathon and more than 42 per cent of the applicants were women.

“These numbers reflect the huge success of the 35th London Marathon on 26 April,” said Hugh Brasher, Race Director. “One of our goals is to inspire people to take up sport and more than 135,000 people were inspired to apply to run a marathon for the first time in 2016.

“In 1981, less than 300 of the finishers were women. More than 100,000 women have applied to run next year.

“Over its first 35 years, the London Marathon has had an extraordinary impact that has helped to inspire profound social change. It is an iconic event that compels people to take up running and to raise millions for charity. The London Marathon Charitable Trust has enabled thousands more to get active through its funding of a huge range of recreational projects.”

Entrants will be notified of the ballot results in October 2015.