Statement from Hugh Brasher, Event Director, 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon:

“The weather forecast for tomorrow is still ever changing and currently predicts maximum temperatures of 20-22 degrees Celsius which means it could be one of the hottest London Marathons ever.

“We have emailed all our runners again this morning with detailed instructions so they can prepare for tomorrow. We have reminded them that they should adjust their goal for Sunday and plan to run at a slower pace and, if they were planning to run in fancy dress, they should think carefully if that is appropriate in these conditions. There is plenty of water available and runners should drink according to their thirst and use spare water to douse their head and neck.

“We have put in place contingency plans for hot weather which include increasing the supply of water to all drinks stations to enable runners to douse themselves with water, increasing the number of showers on the route and increasing the supply of ice to first aid stations on the route.

“We are most grateful to all our partners and stakeholders for their unstinting support in delivering these additional services for our runners. We would like to thank, in particular, Buxton Natural Mineral Water for providing additional water, TNT for their logistical help in delivering it and the London Fire Brigade for their assistance in creating four additional showers on the course.

“An incredible team of thousands of people will be working hard tomorrow to put on the 38th London Marathon. It’s a day when the Spirit of London will unite more than 40,000 runners in the world’s greatest marathon. We urge every runner to show that spirit, have fun, embrace the occasion and look after themselves and their fellow runners.”

Instructions to Runners

The weather forecast for Race Day tomorrow is for a bright morning with increasing cloud cover through the afternoon and a maximum temperature of 20-22C at 14:00. It will be a hot day and it is very important that you adjust your plans for Race Day accordingly.

Please read carefully the advice below from Professor Sanjay Sharma, Medical Director of the London Marathon.

We are most grateful to the London Fire Brigade for their assistance in creating four additional showers on the race route (see below for more details) in addition to the eight shower units we will put in place tomorrow.

  1. Adapt your goal according to the conditions. In the conditions forecast for Sunday, you should slow your planned pace. If you were planning to run in fancy dress, please think carefully whether that is still appropriate in the conditions.
  2. Listen to your body. If you feel thirsty, drink water. If you feel overly tired, slow down. If you feel unwell in any way, visit one of the 39 first aid stations on the course. Check out the locations of the first aid stations by downloading the Virgin Money London Marathon App.
  3. Wear the appropriate clothing. This should ideally be lightweight moisture management clothing designed for use in warmer conditions (but remember that new clothing can chafe if it hasn’t been worn and washed).
  4. Drink according to your thirst. There is water or sports drink available every mile from Mile 3 to Mile 25 on the course. Be careful not to overdrink – drinking too much water can be dangerous and lead to hyponatremia (water intoxication) – read more here
  5. One bottle only at each water station. Please do not take more than one water bottle or compostable cup at any water station. There is plenty of water for everyone if you only take one.
  6. Drink, Douse, Drain, Drop. When you take water, Drink if you feel thirsty. Douse your head and the back of your neck with the remaining water. If you don’t need all the water, check if your fellow runners would like it to douse themselves. Drain your bottle by squeezing out any unused water. Drop the bottle carefully on the ground for our recycling teams to collect.
  7. Use the showers. We have increased the number of shower units on the course to eight. They are located at Miles 7, 9, 13, 15, 17, 20, 22 and 23 – remember to run through these if you need to cool down. There will also be showers outside the London Fire Brigade stations at Miles 5, 7.5, 15 and 23. Remember that as your running clothing becomes wetter, you may experience chafing. Consider taping sensitive areas such as nipples and using petroleum jelly to help prevent chafing.
  8. Sunscreen. You may be out in the sun for several hours so remember to apply a good quality sunscreen to all exposed areas before you leave home.