Men’s race

Winner: Brent Lakatos (CAN), 1:36:04

On his first London win:

“It’s a great race, the London Marathon is the biggest marathon there is, so to come here and win against Dave [Weir] and Marcel [Hug] is amazing.”

“After the second sprint where I pulled away, I didn’t even know how far in front I was and so after that sprint, I thought I might have a chance here, and I did.”

On the conditions:

“We don’t use as many muscles as a runner, and so we get a lot colder. I got hypothermia in the Tokyo Marathon a couple of years ago, so I learned from that and had a waterproof jacket, so I wasn’t cold the whole race.

“The other thing is the grip, we are pushing rubber on rubber, and that gets quite slippery in the rain so everybody has a different solution. I use something called drister and that worked quite well today.”

On his spring schedule:

“I don’t know. The London Marathon isn’t in the spring next year and so it might be quite an empty spring schedule, so probably just lots of winter training and trying to get ready for the track season.”

On his celebration plans:

“I probably won’t see my wife until tomorrow, because she’s not allowed into the elite athlete bubble. But I’m sure we will celebrate tomorrow night.”

Second place: David Weir (GBR), 1:36:06

On the final 100m:

“I knew Brent was probably the strongest sprinter as he’s a track specialist, so this course really suits him as he’s quite light as well and it’s flat.

“I had a problem, my hand came out of my glove for the final sprint, so I had to quickly sit up and put it in but I was lucky to beat Marcell. I haven’t beat Marcell in 2 years so that’s just a slight improvement I suppose.”

On his second-place finish:

“I’m really chuffed. I haven’t really had a race since March. Brent beat me on that as well but that was the half marathon. But I’ve changed a lot of things since then, a new chair and other stuff so it was an interesting race. I knew it would be tough because of Brent being a sprinter and stuff like that but I did a lot of work knowing that there is going to be a lot of sprints in the race and it seemed to have paid off. Obviously, not in the final bit but I’m still happy to come in the top three.”

On his new racing chair:

“It felt good, it felt nice, it rode well, it felt strong. I was happy with the chair in the race

On the conditions:

“It’s probably one of the worst races I’ve raced in. I’m thankful we didn’t have any big downhills or up hills to climb. I think if it was the normal course it would have been a lot tougher.”

Looking ahead to 2021:

“I suppose it’s a good start to the year even though it’s at the end of the year. I can focus over the winter and just change maybe a few things over the winter. I feel like I’ve had a solid period of training so I won’t change much – if it’s a good formula that’s working then I’ll just keep it up over the winter.

It’s just trying to pick the races. We don’t know what is going to happen. It looks like most of the races are going to be in the autumn. I might not even have a race to go into for the Paralympics so that might be a difficult but I’m going to go a little bit early to Japan and train a little bit early with the Japanese athletes so I should be up to race week.”

On 2020 form compared to 2019:

"I’m in a much happier place personally and I feel like I’m enjoying the sport again and enjoying life. I feel like I’m in a great headspace at the moment”

Women's race

Winner: Nikita Den Boer (NED), 1:40:07

On the last few laps:

“I don’t know, my coach said ‘just go for it’, so I was going for it. Manuela [Schär] was speeding down, and I have to go on my own, I’m alone now. I have to go faster.

“I have no regrets. I’m really, really happy.”

On beating Manuela Schär:

“Yes. I didn’t know I could do this. We were up for it. It was really cold and wet.”

On the challenging conditions:

“It was just cold. The wind was tough on the other side of the park so that was speeding down. The cold was then really hard.”

On being the first Dutch male or female wheelchair winner at the London Marathon:

“I don’t know. I didn’t know I was the first one. I think it’s really, really special.”

On how she will celebrate:

“With food, two weeks’ vacation then I’ll start doing training.”

And a hot bath?

“Of course!”