British runners Steph Twell and Lily Partridge dropped out of the elite women’s race at the Virgin Money London Marathon today. We spoke to them afterwards.

Steph Twell:

“My body wasn’t 100 per cent right. I have been managing my plantar fasciitis and the conditions didn’t help my body run to its maximum today.

“I tried my best to get in the best shape possible as I wanted to see what I could do off the shape I’m in, but it wasn’t the right race for me today.

“I felt pretty good until halfway, but then my body started to seize up a little bit. I was working hard and the conditions were really hard, and it’s been tough to get here.

“It’s hard to describe the nature of the injury because it allows me to run but it can hold me back, so it’s something I’ve got to manage and learn about. It’s a bit difficult.

“Right now I feel a bit sore.”

Lily Partridge:

“I felt good, I felt fine, I just started to cramp up around 16 miles. And I didn’t feel too bad, but in these conditions, in a marathon, it’s never really going to get better.

“So I got to just before 20 miles and stopped to try to stretch it off a little bit. I gave it a moment before I started running again, but once that sort of thing starts in the marathon, it doesn’t really improve and especially in these conditions. The muscle’s not getting any warmer at that point.

“So, I think it’s just one of those days. It’s obviously frustrating, but there’s no way I’m risking anything ahead of next year, so I just decided that I wasn’t going to run another five laps with cramp. It’s disappointing, but I just need to go back to the drawing board and see where we’re at for next year.”