Virgin Money
Giving Mini London

The greatest race is coming to your school...



Sunday 4 October is the date of the Virgin Money London Marathon, which will be very different this year.

It will feature the world’s best athletes racing on a looped course in St James’s Park live on the BBC, while 45,000 adults across the UK and all over the globe take part in a virtual event – running 26.2 miles, their way, between midnight and 23:59:59 BST, with thousands raising money for charity.

And that’s not all... for this year only, schools can also be part of the world’s greatest marathon by joining the Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon and running 2.6 miles between Monday 28 September and Friday 9 October.  



All children
can take part!

Any school in the UK can enter the 2020 Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon. Children can complete the 2.6 miles over two days, three days, or longer – whatever works for them. Or some older children might be able to do the whole distance in one day!  

We want as many children as possible to take part in the Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon and feel the benefits of an active lifestyle. Being physically active improves health and fitness and supports good mental health and wellbeing.

If you have any queries, please read our FAQs below – you can also contact if you need any further help.



Resources for your school

Spread the word about your school’s involvement in the Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon with these free resources for your school.

Your children can wear these running numbers as they complete their 2.6 miles, just like the runners in the Virgin Money London Marathon:


Print off this poster to show you are taking part and that children in your school will be completing 2.6 miles:


When your children have finished the Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon, show how proud you are of them by presenting them with a certificate to keep:


Don't forget your school can register for free with Virgin Money Giving and raise funds for your school or a chosen charity. Find out more here and use this poster to tell everyone about your event:



Take a look at this amazing video from elite GB and England athlete, Dani Nimmock - inspire your children to be active:


Fundraising and the Virgin Money London Marathon go hand in hand. Why not turn your Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon into a fundraiser for your school? It’s a great chance to get the parents and the local community involved in raising money for your next project.

And best of all, all schools taking part get free registration with Virgin Money Giving’s not-for-profit fundraising platform (normally this would cost you £150). Once registered, you can create a central Campaign page for your school, linked to the Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon event.

Plus, in our resources section you’ll find a downloadable poster to promote your fundraiser and a certificate for afterwards to show off how much you raised!

Register today, so the Virgin Money Giving team can get you set up in time for the event.


Your questions

I’ve registered my school – what do I need to do now?

Start planning how the children will do the Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon in your school. Share information about the event with the rest of the school and decide when and where the children will complete the event – and over how many days. You may also want to tell parents about it and think about whether you want to do any fundraising.

Which schools can take part in the Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon?

Any school in the United Kingdom can take part. We think that primary schools will be most interested in the Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon, but other schools are welcome to join the fun and just need to register using the link above.

We have 54,000 official Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon medals available for schools that sign up and complete the event – these will be available on a first-come, first-served basis (and these medals are for state-funded schools only – all the other resources are free to all schools).

I am a parent – can I register my child?

The Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon is for UK schools to enter and complete during the school day, so parents are not able to enter their children. Parents are encouraged to send information about the event to schools and see if they would like to get involved.

Can we raise funds for the school or a charity?

Yes, you can. You don’t have to, but some schools might want to – take a look at the fundraising section for all the information you’ll need to start fundraising for your school with Virgin Money Giving.

Do I need to measure out 2.6 miles exactly?

You can measure the exact distance if it’s easy to do, but you don’t have to. It’s OK to use a rough estimate. If your school has been doing The Daily Mile you could base it on this – as a rough guide, completing three ‘Daily Miles’ (15 minutes of jogging or running) will count for the 2.6-mile distance. The important thing is that the children are moving and getting out of breath!

How do I tell my school about the Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon?

Promotional materials are available in the resources section – there are posters and running numbers to print off, with much more to come as we approach the event period. You can share these resources with your children so they’ll know all about the event and will be excited to take part! Please also encourage your children and parents to watch the elite Virgin Money London Marathon races on Sunday 4 October – live on the BBC. Maybe one day, they’ll take part too!

Is this in line with government guidance and Covid-19?

Absolutely. Schools can arrange this according to their current practices for staying safe and healthy.

My children can’t run 2.6 miles all at once – can they still take part?

Every child can take part. The Virgin Giving Mini London Marathon is an inclusive event, for all children of all abilities and disabilities. You can decide how long each child or group needs to complete the distance – they can take one day, two days, three days or 10 days. You can also decide on any adjustments that need to be made for individual children in your school. The important thing is that they are being active and joining in with the event.

Do children have to run – can they walk instead? What if a child has a disability?

We’d like children to get out of breath if they can, as we know this is what helps them become healthier and fitter. Some children will run all the time, other might jog or even walk for a brief period to get their breath back. Disabled children can complete the event in a way that meets their needs – whether that’s walking, pushing themselves, being pushed, walking with crutches, or in whatever other way they can. The Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon is for all children – just encourage them to do their best and enjoy the feeling of their heart and lungs working hard!

We do The Daily Mile – does this count as part of the 2.6 miles?

It does. You can do The Daily Mile as you normally would – roughly three days of doing The Daily Mile (15 minutes of jogging or running) is equivalent to the distance for the Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon.

What do I do when the children have completed the Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon?

We’ll send you a very short survey during the first week of October so you can tell us you have completed the Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon and confirm the final numbers of children who took part. If you don’t receive the survey, please email .

My school would like to do the Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon, but we can’t do it until after 9 October – can we still take part?

That’s fine. We’d like as many schools as possible to complete the event in a ‘window’ around the elite races – but if you aren’t able to do this, you will have some more time. We will have a final cut-off point on Friday 23 October.

Will the children in my school get a medal?

There has been a huge amount of interest in the Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon. We have 54,000 medals available for children in state-funded schools who are taking part in the Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon – these are free to those schools that receive them.

The medals will be allocated to the UK state schools that registered first (and who complete the 2.6 miles). Schools will also need to complete the post-event survey, which will be circulated to all registered schools to record exactly how many children took part.

The most important thing is that children are taking part in an event that will help them with their physical health and mental wellbeing – with more than 100,000 other children across the country.

If I get my children to do the event earlier in the event window, will that mean they get a medal?

No – medals will be allocated based on when schools registered, not when they complete the 2.6 miles. Schools have plenty of time to complete the event – up to Friday 9 October, or even up to half term if they are finding it hard to fit it in.

When will the medals arrive?

A survey will be sent to all schools after the event, so you can tell us exactly how many children took part. We’ll then start to send the medals to schools from the end of October. All the other resources are free to all schools and you can find them in the resources section of the website.

Can I buy medals for my school?

Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon medals are not available to buy. Schools can use the free, downloadable resources in their school, including certificates for children who took part.