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Participants with disabilities

London Marathon Events believes in sport for all and every year our dedicated team works to support people with a huge range of disabilities complete the Virgin Money London Marathon.

The 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon

The organisers of the Virgin Money London Marathon have now confirmed plans for The 40th Race on Sunday 4 October.

Any participants with disabilities who already had a place in the 2020 event will be able to take part in the virtual Virgin Money London Marathon on Sunday 4 October. Please read the FAQs for more information about your options.

The 2021 Virgin Money London Marathon

This event is set to take place on Sunday October 3 2021.

Please read the information below to find out more about taking part, how to enter, and what to do if you have any questions or concerns.

You must be able to participate in the event under your own power. The Virgin Money London Marathon is held under International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF), World Para Athletics and British Athletics rules and these rules expressly prohibit any participant or non-participant – whether disabled or able-bodied, to be pushed by a third party, as it is defined as assistance, or use any device which is primarily the cause of forward movement. Motorised devises are not permitted.

The only wheeled equipment or devices that may be used are: IPC approved racing chairs entered into the Elite or Para Athletics events; standard day chairs/wheelchairs in the mass participation event and Race Runners. Disabled participants who want to use Race Runners must contact disability@londonmarathonevents.co.uk   Please note that devices such as handbikes, skates, roller blades, skateboards, scooters or any geared device cannot be used in any circumstances.

To obtain a finisher’s medal, you must complete the event by the official cut-off time, which is currently 19:00 on Sunday 3 October 2021.

Please note that if you are slower than seven-hour pace (which is 16 minutes per mile), you will complete the event on the pavement. Seven-hour pace begins when the last participants cross the Start Line, which is predicted to be at 10:50 in 2021.

We are required to meet a strict schedule to reopen the roads of the capital and get London moving. This means that if you are slower than seven-hour pace, you effectively become a pedestrian and you will be sharing the pavement with others. There will be a huge clean-up operation on the roads around you to enable us to reopen London to traffic.

Disabled participants who need assistance

If you are a visually impaired runner and need the assistance of a guide, or your disability and/or medical condition means that you need a support runner, please contact disability@londonmarathonevents.co.uk outlining your request and the reasons for it.

As has been the case for many years, any runner who requires a guide or support runner can apply for a free of charge place for their guide or support runner in the London Marathon.

We allocate a timing chip to guide and support runners. We are currently working with our timing and results providers to create a new system where the guide or support runner will be given a time in the official results, which will be linked in the results system to the time of the runner they are supporting. The official results will make it clear where a finisher has been running as a guide or support runner.

Guide and support runners will also receive a finisher medal, the finisher T-shirt and recovery bag when they cross the line with their runner in The Mall.

Special requests

If you have a disability and would like to request a waiver of the cut-off time for medal purposes, or if you would like to use a Race Runner or similar equipment in the 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon, you must submit a request to disability@londonmarathonevents.co.uk.

Please outline the nature of your request and the reasons for it, and please remember that you must have a place in the event for your request to be considered. Each application will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

How do I enter?

You enter through the public ballot or apply to a charity for a place.

The public ballot online entry system for the 2021 Virgin Money London Marathon will open on Sunday 4 October 2020 and close at 17:00 on Friday 9 October 2020. All those who enter the ballot will find out the results in early January 2021.

Please visit our charity listings to find out about charities with places available for the 2021 Virgin Money London Marathon.

Please note: charity listings are subject to change for the 2021 Virgin Money London Marathon.