Martin Yelling's Video Q&A Friday 3 February 2017

In the fourth of a series of live video Q&A sessions on the Virgin Money London Marathon Facebook page, top performance coach Martin Yelling talks dressing for the weather, Race Day nutrition and more.

You can watch the full Q&A video below, and keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for more video Q&As with Martin in the months leading up to the London Marathon.

Q. What's the best way to stop your nipples from bleeding?
A. It's really important to make sure you're comfortable in the kit that you wear. Lubricate those areas that are prone to chafing really well before the race starts and don't wear kit with unnecessary seams.

Q. I'm up to 12 miles now and have an I.T (illiotibial) band injury. Do you have any advice?
A. If you've progressed things too quickly, your quad could be tightening up and pulling on that I.T. A great way to work on that is just to keep the quad well stretched, perhaps foam rollered, so you're just keeping that stretch and quadricep loose and flexible.

Q. I always throw up at the end of a marathon and feel dreadful. Any advice?
A. Think carefully about the fuelling that you use in your long runs, and – particularly on Race Day – how much you take on board. If there's a lot of fluid sloshing around in you stomach as you're running it can make you feel a bit queasy at the end. Think about how much fuel you're going to use in your long runs and practise in your training.

Q. I've just run 18 miles. Can you do too much too soon?
A. You can do too much too soon. You can progress too fast. You'll notice because you'll start to get a few aches and pains and niggles and it'll feel uncomfortable. You also might feel tired and lethargic or your motivation is lacking too.

If that's you now, and you're feeling tired, just drop that down. Unless you're feeling bad or you're feeling injured I would carry on.

Q. How do you control your heart rate during a marathon?
A. Your heart rate is controlled by how fast you run and how nervous you are. You've got to learn to get that out of control on Race Day. Control that heart rate by being calm at the start and being in control of your pace throughout the race.

Q. Any tips for taking fluids on during longer runs?
A. Take a bottle with you, take your fluids, and take little sips. Get your breathing pattern in sync and when it feels like it's in sync take a little sip, swallow it, move on and do it again.

If you practise this in February, you're refining that in March and you've mastered it by the time you get to April.

Q. I've had a week off training. Will I lose much of my fitness?
In a week you won't lose any fitness at all. You might lose a bit of confidence but in terms of fitness you're not going to lose anything at all. Just resume that training again, do it gradually and get back into your plan.

Q. Would you recommend having two or more pairs of running trainers?
A. When you rotate your shoes you wear them out a little bit less and if you go out for a run, you come back and your trainers are stinking wet, they don't dry out. If you can rotate them a little bit it always feels nice to put ons ome dry warm trainers.