Martin Yelling's Q&A 18 March 2016

Q. What nutrition is provided on Race Day?

A. Lucozade sport provide on course nutrition in the form of sports drinks and gels (at mile 14 and 21 I think). Water is also available every mile. The important thing for you to consider is that you are nutritionally well prepared in the days leading up to the race, especially the day before and the morning of Race Day. Your food choices depend on what you normally eat but I'd opt for fresh foods, with some carbohydrates, proteins and fluids (water is fine!). You certainly don't need to eat loads the day before of morning of the race.

Q. What is your advice for nutrition and hydration for the final 24 hours pre race?

A. Stick to what you know. Type and quantity of food is important but you don't need to smash down a huge bucket of pasta! You'll need a good breakfast, lunch and dinner the day before to ensure your energy levels are topped up and then a Race Day breakfast. Include some carbohydrates and proteins in these meals. Just how much really depends on how you've responded in training to your runs and eating. Breakfast two to three hours before and some water to ensure you're hydrated is a good call.

Q. I am worrying more about the food aspect than anything else…any suggestions to calm a sensitive stomach pre race?

A. Getting more and more worried certainly won't help! Stick to simple foods that you've tried and tested. Explore your food timings too. Avoid coffee!

Q. What should be a vegetarian diet for preparing for a sub four-hour time?

A. Vegetarians still need to ensure the body has adequate stores of fuel to cover the distance. This can come from different foods, many of which are vegetarian anyway eg quinoa or rice. You can still get protein from vegetarian sources too - certainly enough to be fuelled the day before and on Race Day.

Q. Can you over carb load the day before a massive run?

A. I think you can certainly over eat prior to a long run. It's a myth to think that you need to stack as many carbs in as possible the night before. Your body can only store so much. What is more important is that your fuel of choice levels are topped up. Eat what you are used to and don’t stuff your face!

Q. What should I eat post-run?

A. Depends on how long or how hard the run was! For long runs that knock it out of you a bit post run fuel is important. Rehydrate (water is fine!) and then eat something that has carbs and proteins in. Personally, I think scrambled eggs on toast is a winner!