Let Coach Martin Yelling help you to the Finish Line

As January fast approaches, so does the start of your training plan. It can be more than a little daunting to imagine yourself at the Finish Line of the London Marathon in four months time. But don’t fear, because we are here to help.

Martin Yelling is a performance coach and co-founder of Yelling Performance. He has a background in competitive running and a wealth of knowledge that he has used as the founder of the UK’s most popular running podcast; Marathon Talk. He can also regularly be found advising a number of different magazines and newspapers on all things training. You can read more about Martin here.

In the build-up to the London Marathon, Martin – who also appeared at the 2017 Meet The Experts day – is going to be here to support you step-by-step through your training with a series of blog posts and live web chats which will appear below. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and don’t miss your chance to ask Martin’s advice on all your training needs.

Monday 17 April 2017:  Top Tips For Going The Distance
Friday 14 April 2017:  Facebook Live Q&A: The Final Countdown!
Wednesday 5 April 2017:  Training Blog – How to Handle Everything Race Day Can Throw at You
Friday 31 March 2017:  Facebook Live Q&A: Conquer Your Race Day Nerves
Tuesday 21 March 2017:  Training Blog – How to Tackle the Taper
Thursday 16 March 2017:  Facebook Live Q&A: Boosting Confidence and Runner's Trots!
Wednesday 8 March 2017:  Training Blog – How to Boss Your Race
Friday 4 March 2017:  Facebook Live Q&A with physio Tim Cruse-Drew
Tuesday 21 February 2017:  Training Blog – Tackling the Dips
Thursday 16 February 2017:  Facebook LIVE Q&A: Going Longer
Wednesday 8 February 2017:  Training Blog – Owning the Long Run
Friday 3 February 2017:  Facebook Live Q&A: Kit, nutrition and more
Friday 20 January 2017:  Facebook Live Q&A: Beating the cold.
Thursday 12 January 2017:  Training Blog – Teething Problems and Tackling Training
Tuesday 3 January 2017:  Training Blog – Hitting January Running
Tuesday 6 December 2016:  Facebook Live Q&A: Christmas training
Monday 31 October 2016:  Facebook Live Q&A: Beginning your marathon journey