Sporty Sunglasses

Runners often see sunglasses as a fashion accessory rather than a piece of running kit that can help performance. Think about all those hours you spend outside running and all the exposure your eyes have to the elements. Wouldn’t you like to know how you can protect them and get more out of your running?

We’ve already talked about the need to get the right clothing for running a marathon but I bet you never thought this extended to your eyewear – well it does.

A good pair of sunglasses should be worn to protect you from various elements but added benefits can also enhance your running experience:

  • Ultraviolet radiation
    Ultraviolet (UV) protection is paramount for any person spending a lot of time outdoors and runners are no different. UV exposure is damaging to the eyes in the same way that skin is damaged, and wearing UV protective sunglasses is like a sun block for your eyes. UV radiation from the sun can cause eye cancers, cataracts and ultimately loss of sight. Seasons and time of day can affect the risk of UV. When the sun is low in the sky in winter or at the start or end of the day, light and UV rays can directly enter the eye horizontally, which can be more damaging than when the sun is high above in the sky.
  • Extreme changes in light
    Light protection is different to UV protection as this protects the eye from visible bright light that is not damaging like UV but causes stress and strain. This is what makes the eye squint and uses up energy and causes tiredness. Lens tints affect the amount of light that can enter an eye and darker tints are better as light levels increase. The colour of a lens can also change an athlete's psychological mood and generally a red tinted lens is better for road running, as contrast is increased giving better vision, as well as making the runner feel more powerful.
  • Dirt
    A good pair of sunglasses can offer you physical protection from dust, dirt, insects and pollen to assist in maintaining eye comfort and concentration levels. Hay fever sufferers need to keep dirt and pollen out of their eyes to avoid discomfort. Polycarbonate lenses offered by adidas are shatterproof and scratch resistant to offer the ultimate protection.
  • Prescription running glasses
    These can be crucial and yet plenty of runners are still not aware such things exist, struggling on with normal reading glasses. A running sunglass offers wrap-around protection and is as lightweight and comfortable as possible. It is often difficult to get prescription lightweight glasses that fit properly for running and wrap-around lenses make prescription more expensive. adidas offers unique solutions to the entire range, whereby prescription sports glasses of the highest quality is achieved. Contact lenses can cause some runners difficulties over a period of time and should always be used in conjunction with sunglasses to prevent drying and ensure protection. adidas solutions mean that prescription can be clicked in or out as required, whilst still offering all the benefits of decent running glasses.
  • Eye fatigue
    This will affect running performance and your overall feeling of tiredness. Squinting happens even on an overcast day as general light levels are still high, and this causes a lot of tension which can cause headaches and tightness of the shoulders. Wind makes the eyes stream with water as the eye attempts to stay moist, which is made worse by wearing contact lenses and dry eyes can become incredibly painful.