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1982 race report

The men’s race

British firsts
Hugh Jones led from start to finish, reducing his personal best by 77 seconds to 2:09:24. This was the fastest time recorded in the UK, and ranked him ninth in the world all-time. Norwegian Oyvind Dahl was second, almost three minutes behind, while Mike Gratton, destined to win 12 months later, was third.

The women’s race

Smith sets UK record
Joyce Smith, unchallenged as Britain’s number one, again lowered her best and the UK record to 2:29:43. This time her winning margin was more than six minutes over the woman in second place, New Zealander Lorraine Moller, who, 10 years later, was to win bronze at the Barcelona Olympic Games.

London was already the biggest marathon in the world. Its 15,116 finishers – 198 inside 2:30:00 – put it ahead of the New York City Marathon, whose Race Director Fred Lebow was among the London runners. There was an extremely low drop out rate of just 3.6%.