Terry Macey may have turned 69 years old earlier this summer but age has not diminished his thirst for a challenge.

The London solicitor is one of just 11 London Marathon Ever Presents – a select band of runners who have completed every marathon since the first in 1981.

Not content with being part of that prestigious group, Macey will attempt to join another on Saturday 16 September when he plans to finish the two-mile distance at Swim Serpentine and be one of the first people to complete the London Classics.

The London Classics is a new challenge which requires people to complete the Virgin Money London Marathon, the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 bike ride and two miles at Swim Serpentine.

This year is the first time anyone will be able to complete the challenge. Those who do so will enter a special hall of fame, much like the one enjoyed by Macey and his friends in the Ever Presents.

“I am looking forward to it,” said Macey (pictured far right), from Greenwich. “I can’t say I’ve done much swimming. Usually the reason I get into the pool is to cool off so I’ve had to start putting some training in.”

The training has involved swimming three times a week at Charlton Lido which has supplemented the cross training he already does and which has kept him in such good shape that he shows no sign of losing his title of London Marathon Ever Present.

“I think mixing the training has helped me a great deal,” said Macey. “I started cycling a few years ago when I discovered my knees were getting too much of a hammering from the running and I love getting on my bike.

“I now ride more than I run in the summer and I really enjoy it. Just this last weekend I cycled down to Whitstable and got the train back. It was fantastic. Cycling does enable you to see a lot more than running does.”

Macey completed his first Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 this year and thoroughly enjoyed the experience which he says was very different to the marathon.

He said: “The 100 is more of a leisurely ride but the marathon, even now when I’m a bit slower than I was, you are still trying to make every second count and run the fastest time you can. RideLondon is totally different and it is an enjoyable ride. I stopped four times to have some cake at RideLondon, I’m lucky to stop for a water bottle during the marathon!”

With two of the London Classics down, Macey just has Swim Serpentine to conquer to complete the London Classics – but this really is a leap into the unknown.

“When I saw the challenge and Swim Serpentine was the third event to complete I signed up,” he said. “I grew up on the coast in Kent so I did a lot of sea swimming when I was younger but not for a while! But I’ve started going to Charlton Lido and I’m really looking forward to Swim Serpentine.

“I know swimming is good for me and so is my running and cycling and I feel good so it must be working.”

Macey will also look forward to having the bragging rights over the 10 other Ever Presents when they next meet up.

“The communication between us all really starts to build up again after Christmas as we start the countdown to the marathon,” he said. “We all aim to keep the marathon run going and hopefully all this cross-training helps me.”

Anyone who has completed the London Marathon since 1981 and cycled the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 since its inception in 2013 is eligible to enter for the London Classics two-mile wave at Swim Serpentine on Saturday 16 September.

Visit our Link to enter or to find out more.