Winner: Eliud Kipchoge, Kenya, 2:02:37

“It feels strange to be considered the most successful elite man in racing, it’s really good and I’m very, very happy to have won four times.”

“It’s a surprise when everybody tells me I’ve made history, but I’m just pleased to be part of the £1 billion for charity event.”

“It was a very tactical race as everyone was there, but I know how to win this race and I was confident and didn’t feel it was in doubt at any point.”

 “I’m happy to make history, I’m happy to make it four wins.

“The crowd in London is wonderful, in the last Kilometre when everyone is shouting it’s just amazing, it made me so happy to cross the line.”

2nd Place: Mosinet Geremew, Ethiopia, 2:02:55

[To follow]

3rd Place: Mule Wasihun, Ethiopia, 2:03:16

“Everything went well I was not worried about the conditions, I am very happy with my third place.”

5th Place: Sir Mo Farah, Great Britain, 2:05:39

 “I didn’t feel great at the start but I followed the pace maker.

“I felt good at halfway and by twenty miles a gap was there.

“My aim was to reel them back once the pacemaker dropped out but wasn’t able to.

“I am disappointed as training went well.

“I didn’t think the fuss [referring to the dispute with Haile Gebrselassie] affected my run and I wasn’t distracted by the build-up; it was all about London today and so I put my head down, did my best.

“I don’t regret anything I said and I respect the race.”

“He’s [Eliud Kipchoge] incredible and congratulations.

“Eliud did 2:02 which shows what we all can do.”

[Talking about what’s next] “Right now my brain is all over the place and I need to go home to think about it.”

[Gone from leading the pack to chasing the pack] “Yeah, it’s a completely different mind set but I am enjoying it, thank you for the support today, I promise I will be back.”

10th Place: Callum Hawkins, Great Britain, 2:08:14

“It felt amazing coming down the Mall and greeted by the crowd, it was tough out there but I felt comfortable throughout, but I don’t feel too comfortable now. I’m delighted with my time and it’s great to have qualified for Tokyo.”