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Novice Runner Alert!

By Amanda Sellers

16 March 2016

The day before my 50th birthday mid September 2015, I quit smoking, at the end of October I started training for the Virgin Money London Marathon 2016.

I managed to get a charity place with the Prince’s Trust so have a fundraising goal as well as a running goal. Everyone who knows me well shakes their head in a puzzled way and then smiles and says, ‘well, you’ll do it!’, when I tell them what I am up to.  I want to inspire my two daughters and others to see that if you set a challenging goal, small steps can get you there.

So to start, you have to look the part. I love to shop and you sure can spend tons on sports gear. Most essential buy is a good pair of trainers; one bruised toe is testament to that. First run was 2.5 miles and my thighs hurt for a couple of days.

“Stretch after a run,” I was told. Lots of people have been giving me little snippets of advice, some conflicting.  I found a good routine post-running on the internet and I make sure I make time for a good stretch with good effect. I love the sweat and burn as I get into a downward dog!

I work full-time for a healthcare company that requires me to work away from home a fair amount, so finding time to run is a challenge in itself. So I now pack more sports gear than work clothes and make sure I can access a gym or pool or both in case I don’t manage a morning run.

I have now run in Hemel, Chepstow, Hammersmith, Leicester - all over the place. I love it when I get a horn honk, it encourages me to keep running and not embarrassingly stop to catch my breath.

Yes my lungs and cramping toes are my enemy, so I need help to keep the circulation flowing and I'm cross-training with swimming, rebounding and Zumba.

A boost has been the support everyone is giving me

I am well aware of my age and propensity to injury so have built up my miles gradually. I only managed 12 miles last week and walked five of the miles as it got dark and I got scared down a cycle track and met up with some friends who were walking the route. 

I still wake up planning runs and setting myself miles to run. As the date gets nearer my resolve is waning as work has got so busy and I am tired and not paying attention to my nutrition.

A boost has been the support everyone is giving me, though, and whilst I feel I bore them with my marathon hopes they have helped with sponsorship and good wishes.

So I’m trimmer, fitter and looking forward to April 24 2016 and that finish line!