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Amanda Seller: Blog 2

By Amanda Sellers

16 March 2016

The first thing I should mention in this update is that I have achieved nearly £2,000 in my fundraising and so on my way to the £3k I set at the beginning of this journey.

It is the charity fundraising that is one of the things that makes the London Marathon so special. My Virgin Money Page:

The Prince’s Trust has helped so many young people and as I believe that it is the young who hold our future in their hands, I had to support this fabulous charity and any sponsorship is most welcome and very motivating for me.

Secondly, after my last blog was published I had various responses from friends and colleagues, mostly encouraging, including the message I got which simply said ‘honk honk’! I do feel very proud to be part of the London Marathon this year and receiving my number last week felt so exciting. Although I feel trepidation and worry that an injury could happen at any moment to prevent me from finishing, I am really looking forward to the big day.

So to my running milestones:

On Easter Monday I ran 16 miles in 3 hours and 20 minutes with the gusty wind against me on the return 8 miles. I found a few things that kept me going on the way, one of which was having a skip. You just cannot feel downbeat when you skip; I also tried a Miranda-like trot at one point and discovered that speed-walking in between running works well too.

I only had to stop twice to massage my toes and give them some air and I even found myself get into the ‘runner’s zone’ people have been telling me about (Or was that just because the wind was behind me then?).

The route I took was along a cycle path that runs from Shide to Sandown on the Isle of Wight it’s popular for walkers, cyclists and runners alike and end to end is around 8 miles long. Only a couple of weeks before over three hundred people walked it during the nighttime to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness, another charity I am involved in; and Sunday just gone I cycled it with a friend. The milestones of this course have become friends to me. I can measure how far I have gotten to and each one is a goal in itself.

Yesterday I ran at my fastest over 3 miles; a not-too-bad 10 minutes, 20 seconds pace! I was very pleased with myself and wondered if my phone had tracked it wrong. Suffice to say, I feel I am on track and keeping going thanks to my friends and family who all support me so much. 

Today I am flying to Barcelona to have a little break with my two daughters and yes the running gear is coming with me. We have booked a Segway tour; wish me luck on not falling off it!