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By Amanda Sellers

18 April 2016

As I wrote this blog thye weather was perfect for running, and my phone tells me it’s going to be cloudy.  Typical British topic of conversation I know, but very important to me for my first ever marathon – and I really cannot get my eyelashes wet because, being extended with fake ones, they hurt when they get wet!

My supporters have been asking me lots of questions like, ‘have you done enough training to get round?’, ‘what time do you think you will make it?’, ‘where does it finish?’ and ‘how do I track your progress?’.  This makes me nervous, so much interest means the chattering monkeys are starting, telling me ‘you’re not going to make it, and then what?’

So I have been responding as positively as I can with; ‘well I have worked as hard as I can and I am determined to get over the finish line and if it’s under six hours that will be great’, and ‘you can find out all that from the official marathon website and track me on that, my number is really easy - 52222’. This seems to leave them content.

So I look back over the past five months that I have been on this journey and pat myself on the back for keeping to a steady programme of workouts, staying injury free and achieving much better fitness levels than ever before. As I have no running friends, I decided to join the You Versus The Year (run 1,000km this year- yes I intend to smash it!) Facebook group to keep me motivated and garner some extra inspiration. Wow! The running community rocks! It was just the boost I needed. The stories of achievement are incredible and the support the runners give each other so heart-warming.

I have learned a lot from these stories, and laughed about the runners’ quirks that I completely relate to. For instance; you know you are a runner when…

  1. You sit in a traffic jam and think, ‘I could run the rest of the journey quicker.’
  2. You have a black toenail/s– bigger trainers needed…I’m not the only one.
  3. You moan about your run route, thinking it will be a certain distance only to find it falls short.
  4. Food doesn’t stick to your waist or thighs anymore but goes right through you- eek!
  5. A bowlful of cereal, fruit and nuts is the most wonderful thing in the world when you feel peckish.

Most importantly, though, the strength of support is what will get me through race day. The buzz of excitement I’ll feel will surpass all expectations I am sure.  I’m trying to rest up a bit but – if it continues to be perfect running weather - I might just have to….

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