Before Race Day


Before Race Day

In early April we emailed you asking you to complete the 2019 charity survey. Once you completed this survey you were sent a confirmation email that included your running number and QR code, together with a link to these instructions. (Please note that this replaces the Registration Form that has been issued in previous years.)

The QR code holds your name, running number and email address. You will need your QR code to collect your Race Pack when you register at the Virgin Money London Marathon Running Show at ExCeL in east London, so please bring the QR code on your phone so it can be scanned (or bring a printout if you do not have a smart phone).

You must also bring photographic identification, such as a passport or driving licence, with you to collect your Race Pack.

Your Race Pack includes:

  • Your running number, with safety pins to attach it to your running vest or T-shirt
  • Your IPICO Sports Tag, with wire twist ties to fix it to one of your running shoes
  • An official kitbag with an adhesive sticker displaying your running number (unless you opted to take part in our trial of capes)

While preferring you to register in person, we recognise that in some cases this may be impossible, so you can nominate someone to collect your Race Pack for you.

The person you nominate must have the following: a letter, written and signed by you, authorising that person – by name – to collect your Race Pack. You must also provide them with a clear photocopy of your passport or driving licence showing your name and your signature, and a copy of the QR code that was sent to you.

The person collecting your Race Pack should also have their own suitable photo identification with them. Failure to comply with these instructions may lead to your Race Pack not being issued. Please note: an individual can only collect one other person’s Race Pack in addition to their own.

Where do I register?

You must register and collect your Race Pack before Race Day.

Registration is at the Virgin Money London Marathon Running Show, which is held at ExCeL London.

ExCeL London

You can register at the Virgin Money London Marathon Running Show at the following times:

  • Wednesday 24 April 11:00-20:00
  • Thursday 25 April 10:00-20:00
  • Friday 26 April 10:00-20:00
  • Saturday 27 April 08:30-17:00

If you live or work in or near London, please aim to register on Wednesday or Thursday. The Friday of the Running Show is very busy, and the Saturday even more so – you may have a considerable wait to register on Saturday, so if you are able to register earlier in the week, please do.

Please ensure you allow yourself enough time to get to Registration before 17:00 on the final day, as it will close promptly at 17:00. No Race Packs will be issued after 17:00 and you will not be able to take part.

International runners

There are special desks at Registration clearly signposted for runners who live outside the UK.

How to get to ExCeL London

Wednesday 24 April until Friday 26 April: please travel to Custom House station and make sure you plan your journey in advance by visiting

Saturday 27 April: Custom House station will be closed on Saturday 27 April due to building works, so please travel to Royal Victoria or Prince Regent stations.

Ticket purchasing facilities are limited at ExCeL, so we recommend using a contactless bank card, an Oyster card, or buying a return ticket before you travel.

Allow some time after Registration to look round the Virgin Money London Marathon Running Show – the biggest of its kind in the UK.

Your Running Number

Please look after your running number. Duplicate numbers cannot be issued under any circumstances. There are no spare running numbers at the Start.

If you forget or lose your number and still insist on taking part, our marshals will remove you from the race before you cross the Finish Line. This is in order to prevent non-registered runners who do not have a place in the event joining in and attempting to cross the line to receive a medal.

Your running number is likely to be your only form of ID during the race, so please take good care of it. If you lose your running number during the race, our marshals will treat you as a non-registered runner and will remove you from the race before the Finish Line.

Make sure you fill in your medical information on the reverse side of your running number; this could save your life during an emergency.

What should I do if I'm ill or injured?

You must be fit and well to run a marathon. Severe exertion during or soon after any kind of fever is extremely dangerous. Read our medical advice for more details on health and distance running.

Do not take any chances with your health: if you find yourself in this situation you must withdraw – even if this is the first time you have been accepted for the Virgin Money London Marathon after years of trying.

Withdrawing your entry?

If you need to withdraw from the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon, we will guarantee you an entry for next year’s race – providing you meet the terms and conditions, complete the online withdrawal form by no later than 20:00 on Saturday 27 April 2019, and pay the 2020 race entry fee before the deadline.

For full information, please click here.

Runners who withdraw will receive an email link for a guaranteed place for the 2020 race by Wednesday 5 June 2019. If you have not heard from us by Thursday 6 June 2019 please telephone our Customer Services team on 020 7902 0200 as soon as possible and certainly no later than Wednesday 19 June 2019. Failure to do so will result in loss of entry. The closing date for completion of the online guaranteed entry form is 17:00 on Friday 21 June 2019.