On Race Day


On Race Day

Make sure you have:

  • Your running number, and safety pins to attach it to your running vest or T-shirt
  • Your IPICO Sports Tag, fixed to your running shoe by the wire twist ties provided
  • Your official kitbag and baggage label with your running number printed on it (unless you have opted to take part in the trial of capes)
  • Access to these instructions

Running numbers are non-transferable

You must not use someone else’s number, nor let someone else use yours. Number swapping is strictly prohibited for several reasons, the most important of which is the danger and confusion it can cause in the event of an incident on the course.

The information you provided in the registration process included your next of kin and emergency contact information. First aid crews on the course provide details of those that have had to drop out of the race, those receiving medical attention, including their location, and if they have been taken to a hospital.

In the event of a serious incident, we contact the named next of kin and emergency contact. If your place is being used by someone else, then the emergency services and medical professionals waste valuable time and your action might cause great distress and concern to your closest friends/family.


You must wear your IPICO Sports Tag to get an official race finishing time; we cannot provide you with a time without it. Please click here for instructions on how to attach your tag.

Official results and times are based on the time taken by each runner between the Start Line and Finish Line. There are also timing mats at each 5K-point as well as the halfway point. It is your responsibility to wear the tag correctly in order to get an official time.

Spare wire twist ties and safety pins can be collected from the Information Point in your Assembly Area at the Start.

When you cross the Finish Line you do not need to hand back your IPICO Sports Tag, it’s yours to keep!

10 Golden Rules

  1. If you are concerned about your health in the run up to the Virgin Money London Marathon, go to see your GP.
  2. Do not swap your running number with a friend – we will not know who to contact in an emergency if you do. The swapping of running numbers is strictly prohibited.
  3. Do not run the Virgin Money London Marathon if you feel unwell in any way.
  4. Do not run in new shoes on Race Day. And if you’re planning to wear fancy dress, make sure you train in your costume.
  5. Practise drinking on your long training runs – hydration is a fine balance. Don’t start the race dehydrated, but nor do you need to aggressively over-hydrate beforehand.
  6. Adapt your goals to the temperature and humidity on Race Day. If it is hot or humid, go slow.
  7. Drink according to your thirst – do not drink too much water or sports drink during the race; you do not need to drink at every Drinks Station.
  8. Do not gulp large volumes of fluid after the race – if you need to rehydrate, try to do so slowly.
  9. Do not take anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen before or during the race. Take paracetamol instead if you need painkillers.
  10. Write your name and emergency contact details on the back of your running number. If you have any medical conditions or take any medications, write them down too.