Getting to the Start Assembly Areas


Getting to the Start Assembly Areas

Spectators travelling by train

Friends, family and other spectators will need to pay as normal to travel around London on Race Day. Spectators are not allowed in the Start Areas. We recommend that your family and friends find somewhere away from the Start to watch you on the route.

Docklands Light Railway

The DLR enables runners to travel to Greenwich from various stations north and south of the river. 

Services on Sunday 28 April will start earlier than usual at 05:30 from Tower Gateway and Lewisham and 07:00 from Bank and all other DLR routes.

Plan your journey

If you are travelling by public transport, please visit or

MBNA Thames Clippers

MBNA Thames Clippers run River Bus services every 20 minutes from central London to Greenwich Pier, where it’s just a short walk to the Start Areas. For more information, visit

Getting to the Start Areas by coach

If you are organising a coach to take you and other runners to the Start Areas, you must have already applied for a coach pass. Details about getting your coach to the Start can be found here.

Getting to the Start Areas by car

We do not advise travelling to the Start Areas by car, but if there is no other alternative you should remember that roads in the area will close from 06:00, with local diversions in operation in the Greenwich, Charlton and Deptford areas.

There is no general parking available on Blackheath without a vehicle pass. If you intend to leave your vehicle close to the Start venue, be aware of local parking restrictions in Blackheath and Greenwich. Public transport is strongly advised.

Please note that there is NO parking in the vicinity of the Finish. 

When you arrive at the Start Assembly Areas

Large blimps will be flown over each of the three Start Areas, and signs and a PA system will help you to find your way around. There are toilets, Buxton Natural Mineral Water, Lucozade Sport and tea and coffee available at all four Assembly Areas. Please read our suggested arrival times for each Start Zone.

Ensure your running number is clearly displayed before entering your Assembly Area. Please note, only runners with the corresponding coloured number will be allowed into the appropriate Assembly Area. This is a runners-only area; spectators are not permitted into the Start Assembly Areas. 

Baggage drop

  • The PA systems and screens in each Assembly Area will tell you when to put your kitbag onto the appropriate baggage vehicle. Please follow these instructions: 
  • Stick your self-adhesive running number label to your official event kitbag where indicated.
  • Place any items you do not intend to run with in your kitbag.
  • Draw and tie the drawstring cord to avoid items falling out during transit.
  • Hand in your kitbag at the baggage vehicle displaying the number range that includes your running number. 
  • Only official event kitbags are allowed.

No other bags or suitcases will be accepted, and no other bags or belongings should be attached to your kitbag.

Once you have deposited your kitbag on the vehicle, you will not be able to retrieve your belongings until you are in the Finish Area. Therefore, please ensure that you have all you require for your run before dropping off your kitbag.

Keep warm

Many runners wear old clothes or a bin liner to keep warm before the Start. If you discard these items when you start running, please do so carefully so as not to hinder the runners behind you. Bin liners are slippery when wet! All discarded clothing is collected and sent for reuse and recycling.

The Start Zones

Please line up in the numbered Start Zone (1-8), which has been allocated based on your predicted finish time. Please read our suggested arrival times for each Start Zone

Marshals will ask to look at the Start Zone number marked on your running number and will only allow runners to enter the corresponding zone at the Start. 

Do not attempt to promote yourself to a faster zone – start in the correct zone, start steadily and you will be much more likely to enjoy your run. If you are running in an elaborate fancy-dress costume, you must position yourself at the rear of zone 7 on the Red Start or zone 8 of the Blue Start so as not to impede other runners who want to run as fast as they can.

No animals or wheeled vehicles/devices of any kind are allowed on the marathon course, other than wheelchairs that have been permitted to participate. Anyone who disregards this rule will be disqualified, removed from the course and banned from participating in any future events organised by London Marathon Events.


Race Start Times
09:05  World Para Athletics Marathon Championships (wheelchair race) – Blue Start
09:10 World Para Athletics Marathon Championships (ambulant athletes) – Blue Start
09:25  Virgin Money London Marathon for Elite Women – Blue Start
10:10  Elite Men and the British Athletics and England Athletics Championships for Men and Women – Blue Start 
10:10  Virgin Money London Marathon Mass Start – Blue, Red and Green Starts  


Runner’s World x New Balance Pace Team

There will be 65 pacers from the Runner’s World x New Balance Pace Team at the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon, ranging from 2:50 to 7:30 pace.

Pacers will carry large flags displaying their times – they will be stationed in the start zones on the Blue, Red and Green Starts –  just look out for them in your allocated start zone and on the course.

The pacers will stick to their pace for the whole 26.2 miles, to ensure you reach The Mall on schedule and record the time you have been training for.

Drink, Drain,  Drop

We aim to recycle every plastic bottle used at the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon but we need your help. Plastic bottles can only be recycled if they are empty, so please remember to #DrinkDrainDrop.

Drink Buxton Natural Mineral Water and Lucozade Sport, Drain any leftover liquid before you Drop your bottle safely at the side of the road where it will be collected for recycling. Do not drop bottles in the road, as this can cause dangerous trip hazards for runners behind you