The Finish


The Finish

The Finish Line

The Finish is on The Mall. As you cross the Finish Line, try to keep moving to make space for runners arriving after you. 

If you feel unwell, please find a member of our medical staff or St John Ambulance officers immediately. 

Secure Finish Area

The Finish Area is an 800m-long secure area with no public access. Once you have crossed the Finish Line, you will first receive your medal, then you will be offered a recovery bag, which contains Buxton Natural Mineral Water, Lucozade Sport, a foil blanket, food items and your sized finisher T-shirt.

You should aim to retrieve your belongings from your designated baggage vehicle as quickly as possible. 

Follow the signs, look out for the colour of your Start and collect your baggage from the vehicle with your running number range displayed on it. 

Please leave the secure area via the designated exit point only. If the weather is poor, there are two covered changing areas available – both are outside the secure Finish Area. Please refer to the Finish Area map for further details.

Meet and Greet Area

With more than 40,000 finishers expected in the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon, the meet and greet area near the Finish Area will very busy, so please plan carefully in advance where to meet. 

Meeting points are available in Whitehall, Horse Guards Avenue, Horse Guards Road and Horse Guards Parade – with areas marked by letters of the alphabet. Arrange in advance to meet your family and friends at an agreed letter of your choice but don’t just say ‘See you at the Finish’. 

Five Meeting points have been relocated to Whitehall and Horse Guards Avenue for 2019 – these are the letters A-G.

If you have supporters who find large crowds uncomfortable, please arrange to meet them away from the busiest part of the Finish Area on Horse Guards Parade.

Please do not congregate around the exit of the Finish Area at the top of Horse Guards Road. This can cause massive congestion for exiting runners, as well as other health and safety issues for the large numbers of people in this area. 

Do not rely on contacting people on your mobile, because you may find it difficult to get a signal in and around the Finish Area due to heavy mobile phone traffic on all networks. 

Runners cross the Start Line over a 50-minute period. You are more likely to run slower than your predicted time, and after crossing the Finish Line it will take you up to 40 minutes to reach the meet and greet area. Please remember to build these factors into your arrangements when planning to meet people. 

In the unlikely event of the Finish Area becoming unavailable, as a result of a serious incident on Race Day or the race being stopped for some other reason, you are advised to agree an alternative meeting place (our suggestion is not within a mile of the Finish Area) with friends and relatives. This will ensure you have a predetermined place to meet that will be more accessible.

Finally, please make sure anyone who is meeting you knows your running number. This will help staff at our Information Points to identify you on our database if necessary. 

Please remember... 

Tell your family and friends your running number and ask them to download the official 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon app for iPhone and Android before Race Day. The app will be available in early April.

The app allows your family and friends to use your running number to track you along the route to the Finish Line, which means they will know when to meet you. 

The app is available to download from the App Store and Google Play now.

Charity Runners

Running for a charity that has a reception afterwards? Find out where it is – and how you will get there – in advance. 

Heading Home 

Remember, the Docklands Light Railway and London Underground will allow free travel up to 17:00 on their entire network system to Virgin Money London Marathon runners only. Friends, relatives and spectators will need to purchase tickets as normal.