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Mail Order Vest Printing Service Now Open

Let the London crowds know who you are on Sunday 26 April with our T-shirt printing service.
 The support of the spectators at the Virgin Money London Marathon will help you to successfully reach that goal. And one of the best ways to get the crowd to cheer you on is to let them know who you are and why you're running. Simply adding your name to your running vest will ensure the London crowds cheer you all the way to the finish line.

Previously only available at the Virgin Money London Marathon Expo, our vest/singlet/shirt printing service has been operating for many years, with thousands of satisfied customers. However due to the large volume of orders at the show there can be waits of up to two hours.

You can now get your garments printed through our online mail order service. With the added advantage of being able to train in your vest/singlet/shirt prior to Race Day on Sunday 26 April.

Simply order your printing requirements through the link below, send your vest/singlet/shirt to us by the cut off date and we will print it and return it to you by first class post.

Registering for the Virgin Money London Marathon

If you secure a place in the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon you’ll need to register for the race to collect your runner number, timing tag and kit bag. There are two parts to this process:

Part 1 - The registration form

You will receive your registration form in the post in March and you must bring this with you to the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon Expo along with your identification (see details in Part 2) in order to collect your runner number, timing tag and kit bag (see below for more info).

Part 2 - The 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon Expo

The 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon Expo will be held from Wednesday 22 April to Saturday 25 April at ExCeL in east London. All runners will need to attend one of these days to register. If you live in London please try to attend on Wednesday or Thursday because the event becomes very busy on Friday and Saturday with runners who’ve come from further afield.

Simply take your registration form along to the Expo and exchange it for your runner number, timing tag and kit bag (see below for more info). The Registration Clerk will ask you to sign the declaration on your registration form in front of them and show some identification (for example, your passport or driving license). They will also give you some final instructions for race day – please read them carefully.

What to do if you can’t attend the Expo

Although we encourage everyone to register for the Virgin Money London Marathon in person we know this isn’t always possible. Here’s what to do if you can’t attend the event:

  • Nominate someone to attend the Expo and collect your runner number for you.
  • Your nominee will need a letter written and signed by you, giving permission for them to collect your number. They’ll also need to bring a copy of your identification.
  • Sign the declaration on your registration form. When your nominee gives the form to the Registration Clerk, they’ll check your details.
  • Your nominee will also need to bring some identification (for example, their passport or driving license).

Overseas runners

There are special desks at the Expo for overseas runners to register - these will be clearly marked.

Preparing for Race Day

Your Runner Number, Timing Tag and Kit Bag

You’ll receive your runner number, timing tag and kit bag when you register (see above) for the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon.

When you’ve got your runner number, please fill in the medical information section on the back. Be careful not to damage or lose your number as replacements can’t be issued.

If there’s a risk you may blackout during the race (for example if you suffer from fits), please put a red cross on the front of your number.

On race day, please pin your number on without folding or covering it – it needs to be seen by the race marshals.

You must attach your IPICO timing tag to your shoe before the start of the race. You’ll get instructions on how to do this with your timing tag – please read them carefully.

The official results for the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon will be based on the time that’s elapsed between your timing tag being read at the start and finish lines. Please note if you don’t wear your timing tag you won’t be able to get an official finishing time.

Your kit bag is to keep your belongings in on race day, like food, drink and a change of clothes.

You’ll be able to drop your kit bag off at the baggage trucks at the start of the race. It will be announced on the loud speaker when it’s time to do this, and the trucks will be numbered so you’ll know which one to go to. Please note the trucks will only accept official kit bags with the sticker attached.

The trucks will be driven to the finish line so you can collect your belongings quickly and easily at the end of the race. You’ll need to show your runner number to collect your bag.

Mile Markers

Every mile of the Virgin Money London Marathon will be marked with a huge arch across the road - you won’t be able to miss them!


There will be a large clock at each mile marker showing the time that has elapsed since the start of the race. If you’re planning to complete the race in a set time, these clocks will help you monitor your progress.

If you measure your distances in kilometres, these will be marked every 5km. To find out where the mile and kilometre markers sit on the course, see our interactive course map.


Our interactive course map will help you locate pubs, landmarks, restaurants, tube stations and street entertainment near each mile marker.

At The Finish Line

Here’s what will happen when you cross the finish line of the Virgin Money London Marathon. Have a read through so you know what to expect on the day.

When you cross the Finish Line:

  • Your timing tag will be removed and your official race time will be recorded.
  • You’ll be given your medal for successfully completing the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon, and a goody bag containing a finisher’s t-shirt, foil blanket, food and drink.
  • Our medical team and members of the St John Ambulance will be near the finish to offer medical help if you need it.
  • You should then make your way to the baggage trucks to collect your kit bag. You’ll need to show your runner number to collect your bag.
  • Please don’t wait around at the finish area – thousands of runners will need to pass through as smoothly as possible. If it’s raining you’ll be able to shelter and get changed at the Waterloo Place underground car park, which will be clearly signposted.

Meeting up with friends and relatives

There will be special areas to meet up with friends and family at Horse Guards Road and Horse Guards Parade. These areas will be clearly signposted and divided up alphabetically so your group can arrange to meet at the first letter of your surname.

Overseas runners and their relatives will be directed to a separate meeting area in the Mall.

It’s best not to rely on your mobile phone to meet up with others on race day. There will be thousands of people using their phones in the area, so mobile networks will be busy and you may not get a signal.

It’s also a good idea to have a contact friend or family member at home so you can call them and pass on messages. Although there are regular loud speaker announcements on race day, these aren’t used to communicate with lost friends and family.

Official London Marathon Photographs

On the day of the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon, there'll be more than 125 official photographers from MarathonFoto situated around the course.

The photographers will be at 20 different points around the course to get shots of the crowd and individual runners. If you see them on your way round, give them a smile. They'll also take a photo of you crossing the finishing line, capturing the big moment for you to keep. After the finish line you can take your FINISHER photo and MEDAL shot, just look out for the bright yellow vests – and remember to smile!

View your photos online

Between 24 and 48 hours after the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon, you'll be able to view and buy these photos online at marathonfoto.com. If you left your email address at registration or at the expo, MarathonFoto will notify you with an email when the images are ready to be viewed.

EXPO booth

Stop by the booth to view the new products and to buy your photos in advance with a special deal! The staff will be available to answer any question you may have. 

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