Top Tips for Fundraising

As a single-day charity fundraising event, there is no race in the world that comes close to the Virgin Money London Marathon and it’s estimated that more than three quarters of participants now run for a good cause.

The total raised for charity by the world’s greatest marathon has now passed £830 million since the event was founded in 1981. Runners in the 2016 event raised £59.4 million for charity, which set a new world record for an annual single day charity fundraising event for the tenth successive year.

Of the £59.4 million raised in 2016, over £23 million of that total (including Gift Aid) was raised through Virgin Money Giving, the official fundraising partner of the London Marathon. Due to Virgin Money Giving’s not-for-profit business model and lower fees, an estimated £625,000 extra reached charities as a result of fundraisers choosing to use Virgin Money Giving rather than its key competitor, JustGiving. With over £40 million raised online in total during the Marathon, across these two platforms the potential benefit to charities if all of those funds had been raised through Virgin Money Giving is over £1.2 million.

As your training begins and you start your charity fundraising, read Virgin Money Giving’s research findings that shows the techniques that help fundraisers maximise the amount they raise.

Successful fundraisers...

  1. Set-up a Virgin Money Giving fundraising page early:
    Those who set-up a fundraising page as soon as they receive their Virgin Money London Marathon place, on average raise up to £700 more than those who only start to fundraise in the two-month period before the race in April.
  2. Set a fundraising target:
    81 per cent of fundraisers set a target and those who do raise on average £1,495, compared to an average of £914 raised by those who leave their goal unspecified – a 64% increase.
  3. Are social media-savvy:
    The use of social media channels offers a great opportunity to maximise fundraising potential. Those who don’t use this medium raise on average £1,276, compared to averages of over £1,900 through the use of Instagram and Linkedin, over £1,500 using Twitter, and over £1,400 via Facebook.
  4. Use the Virgin Money Giving mobile app:
    Embracing fundraising on-the-move, those who download the Virgin Money Giving app raise on average 19 per cent more than those who do not.
  5. Create a personalised Stephen Fry fundraising video:
    Recognising that fundraising can be tough, and it helps if you ‘ask with style’, Virgin Money Giving launched a unique website – – ahead of the 2016 Virgin Money London Marathon enabling runners to create, in a matter of minutes, a personalised appeal video featuring Stephen Fry. Over 6,000 videos have been created to date and those fundraisers who created a personalised film were able to raise on average 10 per cent more during the 2015 event.