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Important: Please only contact us once with your enquiry as it will delay our response.

Please read the below topical items before contacting us:


  • Finisher medals and t-shirts are in the process of being sent around the world and are arriving every day. The latest they will arrive will be 31 October (UK) or 7 November (international) and please contact us after these dates only if not received.

Cancelled 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon

  • If you had a charity place, you now only need to speak directly with your charity regarding a deferral to a future year and they will add you to their entry console at the appropriate time.
  • All refunds will be received by 31 October.

Our team are currently dealing with a large amount of enquiries and will respond as quickly as possible. We ask for your patience and again, please do not contact us more than once with the same enquiry as this will delay our response.