What you can expect as a ballot place runner

Running as an own place runner is great because charities want you to succeed and therefore most offer a decent support package intended to assist throughout the training process and give you some help with any fundraising you choose to do.

If you opt to use your own place to run for a charity then you won’t be left to your own devices to deal with the twin tasks of training and fundraising. Most charities will give you support with your fundraising, but most importantly your training – after all, if you don’t make to the start line on race day, then you’re not going to raise anything for them at all!

As an own place runner, what you can expect to receive from a charity will be largely the same as they provide to runners who have committed to raise a target amount for that charity. Here's the lowdown on what you can expect to receive from most charities as a charity runner.

So, what can you expect as a ballot place runner?

Many charities also offer amazing runner-support packages their runners, including own place runners, to ensure you enjoy every step of your London Marathon experience. A typical charity may well provide you with some of the following:

  • A training plan compiled by a running expert. This type of plan is usually 18 weeks in duration (or longer if you’re starting from scratch), detailing the type and intensity of exercise you should be aiming for each day.
  • A training pack with expert advice on a range of topics, including the importance of the right gear; dealing with aches and pains; warming up, stretching, and cooling down; cross-training; running gadgets; and diet and nutrition.
  • Monthly newsletters providing a range of tips and advice that are targeted at specific points in your training to generally gee you along should your motivation be on the wane, particularly in the winter months.
  • E-mail support is provided by some charities whereby they have an arrangement with experts who may be able to answer any queries you as a runner have.
  • A fundraising pack with tips and advice to help you raise more money.
  • Running vest or t-shirt with charity logo to wear on race day.
  • A runner’s goody bag.
  • Support from a charity representative in your local area.
  • Online discussion group and support.
  • Pasta or other 'carbo-load' party the day before the race to build up your energy fuel stores.
  • Access to local charity campaigners.
  • Assistance with setting up online fundraising to help you reach your target.
  • Cheering squads at key stages around the race course.
  • Post-marathon reception (where you can meet up with family), often including complimentary sports massage for when you’ve done all the hard work.

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