Own place testimonials from ballot place runners

To give you a true idea of what it’s like to run the London Marathon for charity, we’ve put together some quotes from past ballot place runners:

“When you run the London Marathon for charity, take everything that you’ve ever heard about the marathon experience, double it, and you’re somewhere near the true sense of achievement.”
Peter Roberts, Plymouth

“A great experience that I will never forget. So proud to have helped the National Autistic Society. Thank you for the overwhelming support I received.”
Geoff Hurst, Hampshire

“Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to run the marathon. It was an amazing day from start to finish. The emotional highs and lows were incredible. The support throughout was brilliant, especially the Anthony Nolan gang at all the different spots. Sincere thanks again.”
R Sagoo, London

“Running the London Marathon was possibly the most rewarding experience of my life, and the way the RNID events team treated us runners enhanced the day so much. The support throughout the run was incredible - at every point I began to feel myself lagging, there they were, a troupe of RNID supporters, shouting support, waving, and smiling. This was exactly what was needed to make me pick my feet up again and keep going. To be greeted at the end as we were, with massages and showers - not to mention tea and lots of biscuits - rounded it off in the best possible way. With the RNID events team behind me, I think I could achieve anything!”
Jane Francis, Haywards Health

“Thank you for organising such enthusiastic support! Every time I ran past an NSPCC cheering point there was a roar of encouragement and shouting of my name - it felt so good, it helped me no end. That was my first ever marathon and it was the most amazing experience. Thank you for enabling me to do it and give my support to such a worthy charity. Thank you!”
Emily, London

“It was a fantastic experience...and it really made me feel like part of a team!”
Daphne Hall, Bristol

“Thanks for the reception. I'd never had made it home without a massage and shower, although I am still very sore and stiff. (Can't get upstairs and had to use the stair lift at work!)”
Stephen, Monmouth

“The cheering on the course was a boost and the gathering after the race was a lifesaver!”
Mike Palfreman, Havering

“What a fantastic day, wouldn't have missed it for the world. Thank you for all your support over the months.”
Simon Dunn, Herne Bay

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