How to choose a charity to run for as a ballot place runner

Each year the Virgin Money London Marathon generates more and more money for charitable causes. A proportion of these funds are collected by runners who have their own places and generously decide to put their effort in for a worthy cause.

There are many worthy charities out there – all of whom would really welcome your help. If you’ve got your place directly through the ballot, this means you could put it to good use and run for a charity or even several of them – without being committed to raising a target amount.

But with so many worthy charities to choose from, how do you decide which charity to run for?

When deciding on the charity that you’d like to run, think about the points below – each of which will help you get closer to making this all important decision.

• Think about whether you have any real affinity with a particular charity or whether you know much about their work. You'll be more committed if you know how important their work is.

• Consider a cause that is close to your heart - it may be that you have personal or family reasons why you should run for a particular charity. You'll be running in a shirt emblazoned with the charity's name and logo on race day, so you want it to be one that you passionately support.

• Maybe you know someone that is already running for a charity and you would like to team up together on race day. If you'd like to run with someone that you already know then it may make sense to team up together and run for the same charity.

• Consider what you believe in and select a cause you feel strongly about. It will prove invaluable when you are trying to persuade people to hand over their hard-earned cash.

• Each of the charities vary in size and resources, so the charity package varies accordingly. But what you receive in return for running should not really make a massive difference to the choice you make of who to run for. Many considerations can affect your choice of charity, although if you have no real preference, you might want to think whether you prefer to be part of a small team of runners or a large one.

Remember, if you do want to make the most of your ballot place and run for a charity or several charities, all funds generated will be greatly appreciated. Some charities will have more ballot place runners than others, but one thing is guaranteed ‐ whichever charity you choose to support, they’ll be really pleased to hear from you.

Ballot Place Charity Listings