The Virgin Money London Marathon Charity Ballot Scheme

The following information is a helpful guide to the Virgin Money London Marathon Charity Ballot.    

We have divided the information into 'Application Process FAQs' and 'Successful Applicant FAQs' to guide you through, depending on which stage of the entry process you require assistance with.

If you require any further guidance please do not hesitate to get in contact with our Customer Services team (tel: 020 7902 0200).

Application Process FAQs
  • Q. How much will an entry cost if I'm successful in the ballot?
    A. The cost of entry is  £370 plus VAT and, if successful, you will be invoiced in November.
  • Q. When will I find out if my charity has been successful?
    A. You will be contacted by email in June with the outcome of your ballot entry.
  • Q. Can I enter if I am not a UK registered charity?
    A. No, only charities who have a UK charity registration number can apply.
  • Q. I hold a Golden bond(s), can I enter the Charity Ballot?
    A. No, you cannot apply if you already hold a Golden Bond.
  • Q. I hold a Silver Bond, can I enter the Charity Ballot?
    A. The charity can only enter the Charity Ballot if they do not hold a Silver Bond place for that year's Virgin Money London Marathon.
  • Q. Can I apply for the Charity Ballot every year?
    A. If the charity was successful in gaining a place through the Charity Ballot the previous year, it cannot enter the Charity Ballot the following year.

    For example, if a charity is successfully notified in 2019 for the 2020 Charity Ballot, that charity cannot enter again until 2021 for the 2022 Virgin Money London Marathon.
  • Q. I am not a charity but I am a runner, can I apply on behalf of a charity?
    A. The Charity Ballot is only open for charitable organisations who hold a UK charity registration number. Individuals can only apply in the general ballot in April.
  • Q. How does my charity apply for the Charity Ballot?
    A. If a charity meets the criteria outlined above, it is eligible to enter the Charity Ballot for a chance to secure one guaranteed place. Information regarding the application system for the 2021  Virgin Money London Marathon is available on our charity ballot page.
  • Q. Can I make more than one application?
    A. No. Due to high demand, only one application per charity is allowed.
Successful Applicant FAQs
  • Q. I have been emailed to confirm I have a Charity Ballot entry for 2021. What happens now?
    There will be a Webinar  for all charities as an overview as to how the process works - timings will be communicated. You will receive an entry console that you will have administration rights to in order to follow the registration process.
  • Q. When will I gain access to my online entry console?
    A. You will receive an email containing a link to your online entry console in September.
  • Q. Who can I give the Charity Ballot entry to?
    A. You can give a place to anyone, as long as they do not breach the terms and conditions of entry.
  • Q. Can I sell or transfer a Charity Ballot entry?
    A. No, charities cannot sell the place or transfer it to another charity. If your charity merges with another charity, please contact
  • Q. When do I need to have my runner registered on the entry console by?
    A. The deadline will be confirmed when you receive your entry console in September. For guidance, you normally have until late January to complete the entry. Once the deadline has passed we will not accept any late entries.
  • Q. What will happen to my entry if it is not used in the 2021 event?
    A. Once the deadline has passed, if your charity place goes unused, the place will automatically roll over to the following year at no extra cost. Please note that if the place is not used the following year, it cannot be rolled over again and no refund for the unused place will be given. The charity will receive another email containing a link to their online entry console at the same time the following year.
  • Q. Can a charity use the official Virgin Money London Marathon logo?
    A. There are special, official logos available for use by charities with Golden Bond, Silver Bond and Charity Ballot places. Please contact our Customer Services team to request the appropriate charity logo. The use of the official event logo is restricted to official sponsors and partners.
  • Q. How do I find out about how to apply to be Virgin Money London Marathon Charity of the Year?
    A. Visit our Apply for Charity of the Year page to find out more.
  • Q. The main point of contact for my charity has changed, how do I update our details?
    A. Please contact the Customer Services team confirming the charity name, that you hold a Charity Ballot place and the information that needs to be updated.