Ballot Place Runners
A typical race day with a charity

Here’s an example of the kind of extra support you might receive on race day if you decide to run for charity.

Please remember, different charities will offer different things to their runners, and that will vary depending on the size of the charity you’re running for.


Before the race

Most charities will give you a t-shirt or vest with their logo on to wear for the race, and if it’s wet or cold, some charities will provide protective clothing for their runners while they’re waiting around - like waterproofs, caps or ponchos.

Make sure you’ve got your own clothing with you too though – you’ll be able to leave your kit bag at the baggage trucks before the race starts and pick it up at the finish line.


During the race

Most charities will have cheering points around the Virgin Money London Marathon course, where supporters of the charity will offer encouragement from the sidelines. This will give you a huge boost and keep you motivated as the going gets tough.

Some charities will also offer help to friends and family who come to watch you on the day. They can give tips like where’s the best place to watch the race from, and provide them with clothing, flags, balloons – anything that helps promote the charity and spurs on their runners.


After the race

Although you’ll be buzzing when you cross the finish line, there are also some practical things you’ll need to consider too, like meeting up with friends and relatives and collecting your kit bag. Many charities will provide a reception area just a few metres from the finish to help guide you through this part of the day.

Some charities will also provide a post-race package to help you unwind. You could look forward to a massage, shower, hot food or even just a chat with your charity’s other ballot place runners.