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Training support with a charity

If you decide to run for charity, it’s likely you’ll receive extra help with your training to get you in shape for the big day – after all, it’s in your charity’s best interests that you make it across the finish line!

Here’s a quick look at the extra training support you might receive from your chosen charity:

  • A training plan compiled by a running expert. This type of plan usually lasts for around 18 weeks, detailing the type and intensity of exercise you should be aiming for each day. Even if you’re completely new to running there will be a training plan to suit you.
  • A training pack with tips and advice on a range of topics like your running kit, footwear, injuries, warming up, stretching and nutrition.
  • Regular emails with race information and training advice. These will usually relate to the time of year and how far you are from race day – for example, it’s helpful to get some motivational tips and words of encouragement in winter when you may not feel like training in the cold and wet weather.
  • Some charities will often provide email support, so if you’ve got any queries you can get in touch with their running expert. This is great for getting advice which is more personal to you – for example if you’ve suffered a running injury.