Ballot Place Runners
Top 10 reasons to run for charity

Using your ballot place to run for charity can be fantastic fun and really rewarding. Here are the top reasons why you might want to give it a go:



Purpose and motivation

Raising money for charity can give purpose to running the Virgin Money London Marathon and serve as a goal to work towards. If you’re running just for the sake of it, you may start to doubt yourself and feel tempted to give up when the going gets tough. You’ll be more inclined to get up and go training in the cold, wet winter months when you know you’re supporting a good cause.


Keep it personal

Remember, when you run for charity you’re helping real people and changing lives. Why not run for a cause that’s close to your heart? Maybe there’s a charity that’s helped you, or a loved one, through difficult times?


It’s cheaper for charities

Every year charities buy places in the London Marathon then give them to runners who agree to raise a minimum amount of money – these are called charity entry places. By using your ballot place to run for charity, the charity gets all of the money you raise and won’t have to spend anything on your place.


Get the Gift Aid

When friends and family sponsor you, extra money can be added to their donations as Gift Aid if they’re UK tax payers. This won’t cost them any more because Gift Aid is reclaimed from the Government, but your charity will certainly appreciate the difference. For more information please check out Virgin Money Giving, the official sponsorship website for the Virgin Money London Marathon.


You've got their support

Charities will usually offer lots of support and guidance to their runners - before, during and after the race. This can be anything from a training plan to a massage at the finish line. Find out more about charity packages for ballot place runners.


Be part of a team

When you run for a charity, you’re surrounded by like-minded people running for the same reason. There’s always a great sense of camaraderie among the charity runners, and you receive plenty of support from the sidelines too.


Raise awareness

However much money you raise, just running for a charity can be a massive help because it raises awareness of the charity and highlights the great work they’re doing. Hundreds of people will see you wearing your charity’s bib on race day, and all the friends, family and colleagues who sponsor you will learn more about the cause.