Ballot Place Runners
The charity runner package

As a ballot place runner, charities will be really keen to get you on board and raising money for their cause. Some charities will even offer you a runner’s package with loads of great benefits to say thanks for your support.

Every year charities buy places in the London Marathon then give them to runners who agree to raise a minimum amount of money – these are called charity entry places. By using your ballot place to run for charity, the charity gets all of the money you raise and won’t have to spend anything on your place, so your help is particularly valuable to them.

Here are some examples of the packages charities offer ballot places runners. These packages are often just as good as the perks charity place runners get, only you won’t be tied to raising a minimum amount of money:

Your chosen charity will do the utmost to look after you from the outset with a complete package to support you throughout both your fundraising and training.


A typical package could include any of the following:

  • A fundraising pack with tips and advice to help you raise more money.
  • A training plan to get you in shape for the race.
  • Regular newsletters and charity updates.
  • A vest or t-shirt to wear on race day.
  • A runner’s goody bag.
  • Support from a charity representative in your local area.
  • Information about online fundraising.
  • A forum to chat with other runners online.
  • A carbohydrate party so you can build up your energy stores before the race.
  • A reception after the race, often including a free sports massage.


Please note these packages will vary from charity to charity, and some will have more ballot place runners than others. But one thing is guaranteed - whichever charity you choose to support, they’ll be really pleased to hear from you.