Enter the race

Deferred entries due to illness or injury

To compensate for your disappointment if you have to withdraw your entry through illness or injury from the 2014 race - unless you have already carried your entry over from 2013 - we will guarantee you an entry for the 2015 race, providing that you follow these simple instructions.

Here is what to do next to confirm your entry for the 2015 race:

  • Providing you withdrew online and received confirmation of this and adhere to the dates below and pay the appropriate entry fee, you will be accepted for the 2015 race unless you have already carried your entry over from the 2013 race or if the entry was received from a charity or sponsor
  • You will receive an email link for an ill or injured entry form for the 2015 race by the 2nd June 2014. If you have not heard from us by the 2nd June 2014 please telephone our helpline on 0207 902 0200 between the 2nd June and certainly no later than 18th June 2014, failure to do so will result in loss of entry
  • The closing date for completion of the online Ill or injured entry form is 5pm on the 20th of June 2014
  • It is the runner's responsibility to ensure they have completed their 2015 online Ill or Injured entry form and paid the 2015 entry fee by the closing date as it will not be extended under any circumstances