Training Advice

Start building a solid training base and take the first steps towards achieving your marathon goals.

Whatever your ability and ambition, you’ll find the articles below to kick-start your training and guarantee success next time you race.

  • Before You Start Training
    Before you begin your training, we recommend you pay your doctor a visit for a once over.
  • The Perfect Warm Up
    Find out why warming up is so important and learn to master it here.
  • Getting Started
    If you’re new to running, read on to find out how you can make your training go as smoothly as possible.
  • Staying Safe on the Run
    Check out our top tips for a safe training session.
  • Race Etiquette
    Our guide to race etiquette has everything you need to know for the day, from good manners to your personal safety.
  • Treadmill Running
    Treadmills have some advantages over road running, and can form a key part of your training.
  • Off-road Running Skills
    Top tips on keeping good form when you leave the roads behind.
  • Hill Running
    Running uphill is hard work but it can give a real boost to your training, here’s what you need to know.
  • Fartlek Training
    If you fancy a change from your training routine, Fartlek training makes a great alternative to normal road running.
  • Increase Your Athletic IQ
    Tap into your ‘athletic intelligence’ to transform your race performance, says Christie Aschwanden.
  • How to Avoid Overtraining
    Find out more about overtraining and how to avoid it here.
  • Your Perfect Marathon
    If you’re training for a spring marathon, chances are you’ve done most of the hard work by now, so here’s everything you need to know.
  • Half-Marathon Essential Q&As
    Everything you need to know about tackling a half-marathon, whatever your ability or ambitions.
  • Tapering Your Training
    It’s important to ease up (taper) your training, here’s what you need to know.
  • Recovery Rules
    Read on for our tips to aiding your recovery.
  • The Perfect Running Week
    Jeff Galloway explains why a a structured schedule can keep you healthy and motivated
  • Strike a Balance
    It’s a good idea to try to start ‘periodising’ your recovery using the following cycles as your guide.
  • How to Run the Berlin Marathon
    We sent London Marathon Social Media Manager Carys Matthews to the German capital to run and review the 2014 race. Here’s how she got on…
  • Pay yourself to run!
    Wise investment of your running pennies can motivate you to pound the pavements. So flash your cash – it’ll pay off!
  • Ask our personal trainer
    Have a question about training for the Virgin Money London Marathon? Ask our personal trainer.
  • Transform your training: run cross-country
    Cross-country running is the perfect strength and endurance boost, says Nicola Smith.
  • Five tips for running in the heat
    Next time you’re looking to survive a run under the sun, follow our top five tips to help you keep your cool.
  • How to stick to your running resolutions
    Make 2015 your best year of running yet by following physiotherapist Scott Mitchell’s essential guide to keeping your New Year’s resolutions on track
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