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Guinness World Records, the global authority on record-breaking achievement, is partnered with the Virgin Money London Marathon to provide runners with record verification on the day of the race.

At the 2013 event there were over 70 official Guinness World Records attempts, ranging from the Fastest Marathon Carrying an 80lb pack to the Fastest Marathon in a Two-Person Pantomime Horse Costume .

An official Guinness World Records attempt is a great way of enhancing your Virgin Money London Marathon experience, as well as potentially raising awareness and money for your chosen charity.

If you are interested in setting a new Guinness World Records title at the 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon please visit:

Below is a full list of the 23 records that were broken at the 2013 Virgin Money London Marathon.

Film character costume (male) David Stone (as Jack Sparrow) 02:42:15
Nurse's uniform (male) Michael Harris 02:48:24
Sailor Stephen Richardson 02:52:32
Suit (male) - business suit Joe Elliot 02:58:03
Lifeguard Carl Smith 03:00:01
School uniform (male) Sam Hull 03:02:53
School uniform (female) Sophie Wood 03:14:34
Astronaut Subhashis Basu 03:19:37
Insect (female) Laura Bartlett (as a bee) 03:24:10
Wetsuit David Ross 03:25:00
Carrying a 40lb pack Mike Ellicock 03:25:21
Martial arts suit (female) Victoria Carter 03:30:14
Full Body Animal Costume Bruce Moore 03:31.4
Military Dress Olivier Hamar (as Napoleon) 03:47:14
Nurse's uniform (female) Emma Blair 03:48:34
Internal Organ (male) Alan Blair (as a heart) 03:48:34
Doctor (female) Fiona Smith Jenkinson 03:59:15
Mascot (female) Wendy Shaw (as Alfie, Guide Dogs mascot) 04:02:56
Internal Organ (female) Katherine Stephens (as a brain) 04:28:36
Shoe Lucie Barney 04:40:56
Dribbling a football Alan Simeoni 05:10:46
Carrying an 80lb pack Roscoe Nash 05:58:58
Longest scarf knitted whilst running a marathon Susie Hewer 2.05m (time of 5:54:23)

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