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Guinness World Records, the global authority on record-breaking achievement, is partnered with the Virgin Money London Marathon to provide runners with record verification on the day of the race.

An official Guinness World Records attempt is a great way of enhancing your Virgin Money London Marathon experience, as well as potentially raising awareness and money for your chosen charity.

More information on how you can set a new Guinness World Record at the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon will be available in January 2015.

Below is a full list of the 23 records that were broken at the 2013 Virgin Money London Marathon.

Film character costume (male) David Stone (as Jack Sparrow) 02:42:15
Nurse's uniform (male) Michael Harris 02:48:24
Sailor Stephen Richardson 02:52:32
Suit (male) - business suit Joe Elliot 02:58:03
Lifeguard Carl Smith 03:00:01
School uniform (male) Sam Hull 03:02:53
School uniform (female) Sophie Wood 03:14:34
Astronaut Subhashis Basu 03:19:37
Insect (female) Laura Bartlett (as a bee) 03:24:10
Wetsuit David Ross 03:25:00
Carrying a 40lb pack Mike Ellicock 03:25:21
Martial arts suit (female) Victoria Carter 03:30:14
Full Body Animal Costume Bruce Moore 03:31.4
Military Dress Olivier Hamar (as Napoleon) 03:47:14
Nurse's uniform (female) Emma Blair 03:48:34
Internal Organ (male) Alan Blair (as a heart) 03:48:34
Doctor (female) Fiona Smith Jenkinson 03:59:15
Mascot (female) Wendy Shaw (as Alfie, Guide Dogs mascot) 04:02:56
Internal Organ (female) Katherine Stephens (as a brain) 04:28:36
Shoe Lucie Barney 04:40:56
Dribbling a football Alan Simeoni 05:10:46
Carrying an 80lb pack Roscoe Nash 05:58:58
Longest scarf knitted whilst running a marathon Susie Hewer 2.05m (time of 5:54:23)

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